In September 2018, the Polish Watercolour Society will host the 21st ECWS symposium and exhibition, the first such event in Poland. The Polish Watercolour Society has named the city which for a few of days will become the capital of European watercolour art. Friends, artists and fans of watercolour painting from all over Europe are invited to Cracow - Poland’s Royal City and its cultural and artistic centre, full of outstanding masterpieces of architecture, painting and sculpture, and the unique ambience that inspires all kinds of artistic work, including open-air painting.
Cracow is so rich and diverse that the few days of the symposium may be too short to feast your eyes on its beauty to the full.
Therefore, we plan the first three days for the touring of Cracow, including individual sightseeing tours and en plein air painting events. On these days, in addition to registration, we will also organize morning workshops and presentations of Polish artists, members of our Society.
The workshops will be held at the venues where we plan to hold additional exhibitions of watercolours by the PWS members and young watercolourists, students of architecture and arts schools in Warsaw and Cracow.
Alongside the symposium, we plan a trip to Wieliczka, the famous ancient salt mine. You will see the underground museum and have lunch in the wonderful salt chambers 135 metres below the ground. You will spend the rest of the day visiting scenic locations in the vicinity of Cracow and doing some painting in the open air.
We want to show you Cracow as it is – both a thriving intellectual and artistic centre and a vibrant and joyful regional capital. There will be competitions and exhibitions of the works you paint during your week-long stay in Cracow in watercolour, a technique that like no other inspires feelings of love, freedom and diversity.
Last but not least, this great and enjoyable adventure will provide you with an opportunity to see old friends and spend a few days together... all in an atmosphere of “creative anxiety”.
We believe that the time we spend together will be a great experience for us all and that we will leave Cracow full of unforgettable memories.

Ryszard Rogala
Prezes SAP


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